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        SeiyaJapan blog — SEIKO MAN

        A Genuine Enginner of Seiko

        When I go to a large watch shop in Tokyo, I often see a Japanese retired Seiko watch engineer. I will call him Mr. X.

        Mr. X was famous for his excellent watch manufacturing technological skills for a long time here in Japan.


        He often looks rather happy just talking to some sales people in stores.I thought he just enjoyed talking to young people.


        However, I found out there was more to the story.  One of the sales people told me that Mr. X didn't only come there to chat but also often thanked the sales people.

        "I could manufacture watches because of young, professional sales people like you.You do a good job of selling our watches to customers who can enjoy them. I will always be thankful to people like you”, Mr. X said, according to the sales people.


        One day, Mr. X looked at a watch on that sales person’s wrist and asked him to let him borrow it. Mr. X returned it to the sales person one week later.

        That sales person told me that, "Seiya-san, can you believe it? My watch's accuracy is only two seconds a day now. Mr. X tuned it free of charge. He's amazing!"

        Mr. X is one of the legendary team members of the Grand Seiko mechanical revive project. With his miracle manufacturing art, Credor 4S movement could pass a chronometer standard in 1998.

        A GENUINE ENGINNER OF SEIKO.http://www.seiyajapan.com/blogs/news/50026113-a-genuine-enginner-of-seiko seiyajapan.com

        Posted by SeiyaJapan.com on 2015年10月27日