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Rado Balboa

Rado Balboa

This is a story about my father in law's RADO watch; he will turn 85.
His RADO watch stopped working 5-6 years ago. He had it ever since he was on active duty, and has never had another one.
When it stopped, he asked me this: "This watch is old, are there any new good watches?"

Well since you asked...

Casio's solar powered titanium wrist watch is nice.
It is accurate. It doesn't stop working. And it is very light. It costs about 100 dollars, so it makes for a nice present.
(This is almost same model)

He happily told me: " It is always on time, it's so light, it surprises me."

He has worn it ever since.

The beginning of this year,  he asked me: "Can this RADO be fixed?", so I took it in order to repair it.
2monthes later, it was finished to repair, and brought it to him.
He put it on and shook his wrist, glanced at the dial, and was very happy. It must have felt like being reunited with an old friend.

Discontinued models were announced!!

Discontinued models were announced!!

Discontinued models were announced:
Even popular models like the SARB065 get discontinued.
Similar next generation models will be announced soon.
Below, we can see the now discontinued model.
Sales will stop as soon as SEIKO runs out of stock.

I messed up on eBay.

I messed up on eBay.

I sell watches that are old stock or have minute scratches on eBay.

I tried to be careful to put an item up on

This time I was selling a Casio Frogman.

After listing an item, even though I tried to be rather careful, I noticed the product name was somehow listed as GWF-1000RD even though the correct name was GWF-1000SR.

I took down the listing in order to fix it, but....

I forgot to select "Cancel bids and end listing early".


I was able to successfully sell it to a $300 bidder,... but I thought it would sell for a little more.


Seiko Historical Collection The year 2000 Catalog

Seiko Historical Collection The year 2000 Catalog

Seiko was released 7 SEIKO historical re-production watches in 2000.
This was the catalog that 7 watches were listed.

SCVM001 100,000 Yen 1000pcs
4S28 movement Hand winding
Enameled dial
SCVR001 250,000 Yen  3000pcs
8L34 movement Hand winding 
Sterling silver
SEIKO Braille Pocket Watch
SQBR017 35,000 Yen  1000pcs
7C17 Quartz Movement
SCVN001 150,000 Yen 2000pcs
4S15 movement Automatic
SBDX003 200,000 Yen 500pcs
300M diver
8L35 movement Automatic
SCQZ002 700,000 Yen 500pcs 700,000 Yen
9F61Quartx movement (+/-5sec/year)
Yellow Gold 
SBDX005 300,000 Yen 1000pcs
600M Diver
8L35 movement Automatic

SBBN013, SBDX011 (1000m diver) were subjected to diving test.

SBBN013, SBDX011 (1000m diver) were subjected to diving test.

September 6th 2014

Seiko performed a diving demonstration experiment on the SEIKO 1000m diver's watch in cooperation with JAMSTEC. (JAMSTEC: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)


JAMSTEC's Kaiko 7000 lives up to its as an unmanned probe by that can explore 7000m into the deep sea.


Seiko Prospex Depth Testing Movie


After careful preparation, the test begins.

It cleared a depth of 1000m without any problems. It goes down further to 2000m, then 3000m.

At 3000m, the back cover starts to give in, but the watch continues working.

The second hand on the 1000m Quartz stopped at 3,284m.
The glass cracked at 4,804m.

The second hand on the 1000m Automatic stopped at 4,299m, and the glass cracked at 5,993m.

There are no images of the cracked glass in this video.

A while after the experiment, I saw the watch that had been used in this experiment on display in a watch shop I happened to stop in at.

The shattered glass and severely dented back cover, which were unpublished in the video, tell the story of the severity of this experiment.

It is an amazing watch.


SBBN013 & SBDX011 were out of production models now.

Current models
Quartz Model SBBN013 Change to SBBN025

Automatic Model SBDX011 Change to SBDX013

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SEIKO Diver's Watch Site

 SBBN013, SBDX011 SEIKO DIVER WATCH diving test -seiyajapan