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Sayonara Grand Seiko SBGX205, SBGX209

Sayonara Grand Seiko SBGX205, SBGX209


Seiko has announced that they have stopped selling the SBGX205, (as well as the SBGX209).
The SBGX005 sold since 1997 underwent a minor change and was sold as the SBGX205 for 22 years.


Since it was a long seller, and was relatively affordable, it was a best seller.

Grand Seiko was only sold within Japan when it went on sale. So this watch was made for Japanese people.

The 36.5mm size was perfect for Japanese people.

The curved case differs from the typical flat and straight lines of the recent Grand Seiko.This design was also in style at the time. 

Only the case design was different l, and was polished with SALLAZ polishing.
It uses all of the best technology of Grand Seiko.
In order for the band to always keep a nice feel, there is a little bit of play between each link.
The dial has a special finish. (It is difficult to explain in words). This makes the contrast of the hands really stand out, making them really easy to see.
Now, even when I wear this watch, there probably wouldn’t be very many people who would recognize it as a Grand Seiko. It might not suit a younger crowd.


However, I think it fits 50+ year old men just fine. So I would like to buy one and keep it a secret from my wife.
Sayonara, Grand Seiko that doesn’t look like a Grand Seiko.


References: Grand Seiko Magazine GS9 (No5 September, 2016)

Sayonara SEIKO SUMO Diver.

Sayonara SEIKO SUMO Diver.

Seiko is to stop production of the SDC031 and SBDC033 wristwatches,
which carry the nickname of “Sumo Diver”.
Ever since these automatic divers watches debuted in the spring of 2007,
they have been a big hit.


Not only are they authentic automatic divers watches,
but they are also inexpensive,
which is why I think they were popular.


I wonder who gave them the SUMO nickname?
It makes sense now. It is a fitting nickname.


Maybe it’s because the case shape resembles a sumo wrestler.


I think that the case design also resembles the wrestling ring. 


I have a Blue Sumo SBDC003. I mainly wear it off.


It is rather heavy, which makes it feel like I am wearing a wristwatch,
and it is like a completely different watch when it is on. 
I love the curved case side.


I wear it a lot in the summer. I don’t dive myself,
but this watch looks great with casual clothes such as T-shirts. 


Come to think of it, the popular SARY055 and SARY057 have also been discontinued. 
I recommended this to those who wanted to dabble in a basic automatic.


I can’t wait to see what comes out next.

Citizen Naomi Osaka Model

Citizen Naomi Osaka Model

Naomi Osaka tennis player won the all-American open against Serina Williams.

She won the all-American open two weeks after contracting as a brand ambassador for Citizen wrist watches.

This is very fortunate for Citizen.


Naomi Osaka's U.S. Open Victory Earns Citizen Watch Bonus

Now, Citizen’s Osaka Naomi model BZ4006-01E was sold out due to its popularity and will be unavailable until February of next year, even though it’s not a limited edition. 

Therefore Citizen Naomi Osaka model is not on my site :-(



Ayrton Senna wore "Seiko Speedmaster"

Ayrton Senna wore "Seiko Speedmaster"

Ayrton Senna wore a Seiko Speedmaster on his wrist before Tag Heuer sponsored him.
The face of this Speedmaster is arranged incline so that you can see it perfectly when you drive a car.
This watch was designed by Giugiaro.


About reproduction of Seiko SEIKOXGiugiaro speedmaster 2013


Ayrton Senna Rally car test day1986

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Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet race track  at Rio de Janeiro -. 1986 (Jorge Meditsch)

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19.  Ayrton Senna e Nelson Piquet no autódromo de Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro – 1986. (Jorge Meditsch)


 Ayrton Senna ride his bicycle at home

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18.  Ayrton Senna em sua casa – 1986. (Lemyr Martins)