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      Does your price include shipping fee to anywhere?

      Yes. Our price includes all S&H so that you don't  have to calculate shipping cost.
      If you like, we could ship your items by DHL with additional 20USD (worldwide).
      * We can't ship any items to India and Japan. 


      Do your watches come with a guarantee?

      Yes. Our watches come with a one-year warranty (which is the the Japanese standard). The warranty entitles you to receive full warranty service at manufacturer service centers worldwide.


      If a watch I bought from you needs repairs, what can I do ?

      Please contact at your local manufacturer's service office with included international warranty.
      Service center information is available at here
      However, as most of my products are only sold in Japan, other int’l service centers may not deal with it. In that case, please contact to seiya@seiyajapan.com


      Does a watch have an original box and English instructions?

      Yes. a NEW WATCH is delivered in an original watchmaker's box together with an English instruction material. (Except for Casio G-shock.)


      What kind of payment could I use?

      You can use major credit cards and checking account through PayPal. Please refer to info about it at http://www.paypal.com 


      How do I pay by my credit card?

      Please refer to this information.


      How do you send a watch to me? Is it insured?

      We send the package via EMS, which is insured express mail service. We pay for a premium. You can check live shipping status at


      How about taxes at custom?

      Please check if there is any taxes/duties is occurred at your local custom, as it would differ by each place and timing.

      Will my personal and financial information be protected?

      We will never sell or provide your personal information to others. However, your IP address may be used to diagnose server problems. It will also be used to help identify you and your shopping cart (in conjunction with a cookie). We also use cookies to deliver content specific to your interests and to save your password so you won't have to re-enter it each time you visit our site. 


      Can you ship via third parties such as Tenso.com etc?

      No, I can't. I had some troubles with the shipping via third parties


      Do you accept returns?

      We will accept postage paid returns if we provide with the wrong item or the one doesn't work. Please tell us within 3 days after you receive it. Items must be in original packaging with all papers. Our Return Policy is here.


      About the accuracy of Mechanical watches

      The accuracy of mechanical watches may not fall within the specified range of time accuracy because loss/gain changes due to the position of the watch,which is dependent on the conditions of use, such as the length of time duringwhich the watch is worn on the wrist, arm movement, and whether the mainspring is wound up fully or not, etc.

      The details are as below.


      How to change my shipping address to pay by PayPal account


      How to choose the DHL shipping option