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        SeiyaJapan blog — 9F Quartz

        Difference between (Grand Seiko Quartz) 9F82 and 9F62

        ・About design for Grand Seiko 9F82
        Grand Seiko 9F83 Quartz (Day/Date) has developed in 1993.
        The design for Grand Seiko 9F82 is as same as one for Grand Seiko
        9F83, except for deleting Day display.

        SBGT035(Day Date) 9F83
        SBGV005  (Date) 9F82

        About a development for 9F62
        Seiko has developed a 9F62 movement which is smaller than 9F82 movement in 1997.
        Because, I think, Seiko believed that man of forty, it's main target must like smaller face watches at that time.
        From the viewpoint of capability, there is no difference between 9F62 and 9F82.

        SBGX005(Date) 9F62
        SBGX009(Non Date) 9F61

        Movement size as a reference
        9F8x : Φ29x26 3.1t
        9F6x : Φ27x26 3.1t 

        ・I recently think that large face watches are mainstream in 2014.
        So you can see some Grand Seiko's using a 9F82.
        They are one of SBGV series watches.