Good old times

Every morning, I usually shave my beard with an electric trimmer.

However, when I have the time for a nice, long bath, I shave with a Gillette razor and hot bath water.

Shaving like this is more challenging than with an electric trimmer.

If I don't take my time and careful shave while looking in the mirror, then I will cut myself up.
I shave while telling myself to "take it slow and steady".

Then I think back. Every morning before work, my dad used a razor just like this.
He did it every morning, without fail. 

I used to love my dad's razor when I was little, and even gave him a brush whisk for Christmas one time.

This made my dad very happy, and he used it for a really long time. 
He used that thick brush until it was as fine as a small calligraphy brush.

Time just passed more slowly in the past, I guess.
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