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Seiko Historical Collection The year 2000 Catalog

Seiko Historical Collection The year 2000 Catalog

Seiko was released 7 SEIKO historical re-production watches in 2000.
This was the catalog that 7 watches were listed.

SCVM001 100,000 Yen 1000pcs
4S28 movement Hand winding
Enameled dial
SCVR001 250,000 Yen  3000pcs
8L34 movement Hand winding 
Sterling silver
SEIKO Braille Pocket Watch
SQBR017 35,000 Yen  1000pcs
7C17 Quartz Movement
SCVN001 150,000 Yen 2000pcs
4S15 movement Automatic
SBDX003 200,000 Yen 500pcs
300M diver
8L35 movement Automatic
SCQZ002 700,000 Yen 500pcs 700,000 Yen
9F61Quartx movement (+/-5sec/year)
Yellow Gold 
SBDX005 300,000 Yen 1000pcs
600M Diver
8L35 movement Automatic

SBBN013, SBDX011 (1000m diver) were subjected to diving test.

SBBN013, SBDX011 (1000m diver) were subjected to diving test.

September 6th 2014

Seiko performed a diving demonstration experiment on the SEIKO 1000m diver's watch in cooperation with JAMSTEC. (JAMSTEC: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)


JAMSTEC's Kaiko 7000 lives up to its as an unmanned probe by that can explore 7000m into the deep sea.


Seiko Prospex Depth Testing Movie


After careful preparation, the test begins.

It cleared a depth of 1000m without any problems. It goes down further to 2000m, then 3000m.

At 3000m, the back cover starts to give in, but the watch continues working.

The second hand on the 1000m Quartz stopped at 3,284m.
The glass cracked at 4,804m.

The second hand on the 1000m Automatic stopped at 4,299m, and the glass cracked at 5,993m.

There are no images of the cracked glass in this video.

A while after the experiment, I saw the watch that had been used in this experiment on display in a watch shop I happened to stop in at.

The shattered glass and severely dented back cover, which were unpublished in the video, tell the story of the severity of this experiment.

It is an amazing watch.


SBBN013 & SBDX011 were out of production models now.

Current models
Quartz Model SBBN013 Change to SBBN025

Automatic Model SBDX011 Change to SBDX013

Click Here
SEIKO Diver's Watch Site

 SBBN013, SBDX011 SEIKO DIVER WATCH diving test -seiyajapan


The differently colored dials are not the only differences between the SBGR051 and the SBGR053.

The differently colored dials are not the only differences between the SBGR051 and the SBGR053.

The first generation Grand Seiko SBGR001(Silver dial), SBGR023(Black dial) 

The only difference between the SGBR001 (Silver dial) and SBGR023(Black dial)  were the different dial colors.
All of the hands were finished with polish.

The second generation Grand Seiko SBGR051(Silver dial), SBGR053(Black dial) 

The black dial on the SGBR053 was switched up by giving the hands and indexes a brushed finish.
The polished needle blacked out on the black dial depending on lighting conditions. This was improved on.

The beveling on the needle was a little bit deepened compare with the SGBR051 hands in order to make it easier to see against the black letter board.

However, there is no need to worry for those of you who own the SGBR001 and SBG023. The appearance hasn't changed, but the movement research  on the 9S55 is progressing daily. 

The hairspring setting has been adjusted, the gear accuracy has been improved on with an increased oscillating angle, and has been finely tuned. In the case of the OVH, the parts have been changed out, so that it can always be in best of Grand Seiko condition.

References 参考文献、参照サイト

The SBGR001 evolved into the SBGR051 in 2010.

The SBGR001 evolved into the SBGR051 in 2010.

The SBGR001 evolved into the SBGR051 in 2010.

It changed over to a see-through back. (As you already know) 

The crown got bigger, making it easier to use.

The date font was made thicker, making it easier to see.  

The bottom of dial words (Japan 9Sxx-00X0) were made thicker.


The decorations on movement were also changed.


It also was given a 72 hour power reserve.

1. Switching over to an Automatic Winding System

The Magic Lever System has few parts, making it exceedingly durable.  Winding up the 55 hour main spring was more than efficient.

*About magiclever 


Winding up the 72 hour main spring made me realize that the magic lever system has its limits.

It switched over to the reversing pawl wheels system (is this name right?), which has an efficient winder. The Reverse wheel was made more compact to increase efficiency, and treating the watch with hard coating increased durability.

*About Reverser

The winding gears were rechecked, and were made more efficient by going back to using jewel bearings. That is why the number of jewels increased from 26J to 35J

2. Rethinking the Main Spring .

The length of the main spring (Spron510)  was lengthened to 10 cm compared to the 9S55, it was widened by 0.5 mm, and it switched over to the 72 hour power reserve. (The main spring was thinned out by 0.2 mm to make it more compact).

The  9S55 spring is 40 cm long and 0.12 mm thick.
 The 9S65 spring is 50 cm long and 0.10 mm thick.

Increasing Durability


1. Improving the Hairspring

The "Spron610" was used as materials for the hairspring. This doubled the  shock resistance and tripled the anti-magnetization. 

2. Improving the balance wheel


The balance wheel mortice was changed from 0.07 mm to 0.08 mm to increase durability.

3. Improving the gears

The gears were given a hard coat finish, and some gears were gold-plated with low abrasion resistance to aim for accuracy, making them more durable.