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        The best feature about this watch is its high precision quartz. It has an annual difference of 15 seconds.
        This allows for the 8J movement, which was previously used by Grand Seiko and is a highly reliable, top of the line movement.


        The face diameter of this watch is small at 33.5 mm. This gives the watch a high-quality, simple feel. It pairs well with formal wear and business suits.
        Weighing just 26g, it weighs 1/7 of the SUMO diver. It is really light. Also, it wears nicely, since it is only 5.3mm thick.


        The top of the crown on this wristwatch is made from a natural stone onyx.

        The belt is 17mm wide. This is not a common belt width, but you can easily find more on eBay. You can enjoy a different feel by changing the belt.

        I think this works wonderfully as a women’s watch as well. In fact, it may not suit a man with thick arms...

        SEIKO Dolce High Accuracy Quartz SACM150 "10 sec/yr" Made in Japan for Men has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 15 reviews.