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        Born 1989 in Kanagawa, Japan. After working for a design agency, he began working independently in 2018.

        Based in Tokyo, he creates work for Japan and abroad, collaborating with numerous artists and brands.

        He has become known for his unique graphic style—three-dimensional typographic forms that convey a sense of tangible sharpness, set in vivid, venomous color schemes.

        As a graphic designer, he has also created brand logos, editorial designs and websites. His principal works include providing graphics for Fetty Wap and Post Malone, creating album jacket for US rapper Nicki Minaj, and creating the album title logo for Flying Lotus.

        He has also served as a judge for Red Bull’s #RedBullCanArt competition and collaborated with global companies, including event visuals for Budweiser and promotional visuals for Adidas.

        Regardless of the medium, he creates works that involve the cultural scene of music and fashion.


        The SEIKO 5 is a durable, reliable and affordable automatic watch that has become a worldwide bestseller.

        Old Seiko 5 sports logo

        n 1968 when it first went on sale, the 5 stood for the following five points.
        1. Automatic winding
        2. Waterproof
        3. Day-date display
        4. Dia Flex(unbreakable spring)
        5. Dia shock (It wont break even when dropped)
        (According to The Seiko Book / Tokuma Shoten

        This is the same SEIKO 5 Sports with a newly designed logo.

        The meaning of the 5 has also changed.
        The new meaning of 5 is as follows:

        1. Automatic winding
        2. Waterproof
        3. Day-date display at 3 o'clock
        4. Crown at 4 o'clock
        5. Durable case & band