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The most interesting thing about this watch is it’s dial. 
This dial is designed with Japanese paper as a motif.
This unique quality gives this wristwatch a high class feeling.
The case and bracelet are made from difficult to process titanium,
and is polished with the same ZALLAZ polishing that Grand Seiko uses. It was perfected by a Japanese craftsman.
The face is coated in diamond shielding, protecting the easily scratch-able titanium from scratches.  
This unique dial is  complimented by the voluminous 40.8 mm case. The titanium case is light, making for a smooth fit.


The following is a review from a customers who has purchased this watch. 

Andreas F wrote on Mar. 2018

This watch is, as expected as close to Grand Seiko as possible.
In fact, I even prefer the style of this case over the GS.
I love it! All the time I wear it, it catches my eyes, also in the car, so I have to pull myself together, to focus on the traffic ;-)