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        GW-S5600U-1JF, the successor to GW-S5600-1JF, was released.

        The module has been changed out from the 3159 to the 3495, with the following improvement aspects.

        • White LED Super illuminator

        Using a brighter white light than the previous EL backlight, the dial is now more clearly illuminated than ever. (The white light provides contrast, making it more visible than before).
        The light would only stay on for 1.5 seconds, but you can now choose between 1.5 and 3 seconds. (A welcome improvement for those of you who thought that 1.5 seconds was too short.)

        • It now covers more time zones.

        The world time, which covered 48 major cities and 29 time zones, now covers 48 major cities and 32 time zones.

        • Regarding world time

        You could previously only choose one city, but you can now choose up to 5 of your preference. (This makes it feel more complicated since there are now more functions to work through.)

        This is all I have heard from Casio. Although there may be a few smaller details I may have overlooked…


        The rest of the explanation details the same functions as the GW-S5600-1JF.

        Normal rubber bands tend to deteriorate from sweat and moisture when worn for extended periods of time.

        The GW-S5600U-1JF strap is made using durable carbon fiber, which drastically improves its overall strength and very light.

        The side button, buckle, and case back are all made from lightweight titanium.

        This stunning combination has created a watch that weighs in at a feather light 47g yet still tests the limit of shock proofing and durability.

        DW-5600E-1: 53g
        GW-5000-1JF : 73.8g