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        This wristwatch is the simplest and easiest to use out of the Casio Oceanus series.
        Thanks to the Multi band 6 system, it can transmit standard signals from 6 locations
        around the world, including America, Europe, China, and Japan.
        You can change to the correct time overseas just by pulling the crown and turning it.
        The hybrid mount is made from light plastics and strong metal. This makes the movement shock resistant and durable.
        This wristwatch is very thin at 10.5 mm thick. Since it is made of titanium, it is light at 90g. You can experience an exquisite fit.
        The finish on this wristwatch uses Sallaz polishing.This is the same one used on high quality Grand Seiko products, with each one being polished by a Japanese professional.

        The front side & back side done in titanium carbide, allowing for high wear resistance.
        Also, since it uses an anti-reflective dual curve Sapphire Crystal, it offers beauty without sacrificing clarity.

        This piece is exquisite down to the finest of detail. Oceanus comes the Greek “God of the Ocean”,
        and uses a brilliant blue that embodies the wonders of the ocean as their brand color.

        Customer reviews (Excerpt)
        Almir M
        Very light and with easy read of time....Low profile watch which I hope will be wearing for a lot of years to come.
        Charles H.
        This watch is a technological marvel in a classic package
        CASIO OCEANUS OCW-S100-1AJF Made in Japan has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 252 reviews.