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      The overwhelmingly popular first generation model DW-5000 was debuted equipped with the latest technology.
      It has a highly efficient Tough Solar solar system that can charge with even the faintest amount of light,
      using solar cells that can take the same amount of shock as the G-shock.

      Thanks to the Multi-band 6, it can pick up signals in 6 Areas including America, Europe, China, and Japan.
      The screw back has a strong sheen thanks to the DLC (diamond like carbon), and finished off with a mirror finish for a high-class feel.

      It has a nicer fit than usual thanks to a band that is softer than the standard ones.
      The auto light comes on automatically by tilting the watch.
      Customers all over the world are enjoying its high-class “Made in Japan” quality.

      It has been a long seller ever since its introduction in 2009. It is highly reliable.