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Casio F-91W “Che-Casi”, (short for Cheap Casio) in Japan.

Casio F-91W “Che-Casi”, (short for Cheap Casio) in Japan.

This Casio wristwatch, the F-91 watch, is sold in Japan for 990 yen (9 USD). It is probably sold in every other country as well.

A cheap watch like this is referred to as “Che-Casi”, (short for Cheap Casio) in Japan.
It is popular among young people.

Not only is it affordable, it also comes with lots of features.
Also, it has a battery life of 7 years. That is amazing.

In addition, it even surprisingly has its own Wikipedia article.
It is not that big of a deal, but you can check out the details here.

The other day, I bought a magazine for 980 yen, and this watch came with it.
980 yen for the magazine and watch is the same price as this watch.
Not only that, but this watch is different from ones that can be bought in a store, and comes in a cool moss green color.

Speaking of which, do watches ever get given as a bonus with magazines outside of Japan?

"Important" Notice of a correction to the Diver's watch instructions (for the 4R35 and 4R36) from Seiko

Seiko has announced a correction to the Diver's watch instructions.
(Instruction No M-14,  , BSN4R3CD-A1709 / BSN4R3CD-A1804)


There is an error in the Diver's watch Instructions on page 46 under warnings for in reference to compatibility with saturation diving. 


It is not compatible with saturation diving. 


 Corresponding models

SBDY007, SBDY009,  SBDY011,  SBDY015,  SBDY017,  SBDY004,  SBDY005,   

Change my leather strap to a watch bracelet for my Grand Seiko SBGW031

Change my leather strap to a watch bracelet for my Grand Seiko SBGW031


My wife thinks that I have too many watches.  

She often asks me “Humans only have two wrists, so why on earth do you have so many wrist watches?”

I still have no idea how to answer her question.

My wife then went on to say “You’re cut off from buying any more.”

I figured I would buy wristwatch belts if I was no longer allowed to buy a whole piece.


I decided to change the watch belt from a stainless one to leather on my Grand Seiko.



Of course, a leather watch belt is indispensable for occasions that call for putting on formal suits.

However, stainless steel belts are perfect for casual looks, and gives the watch an entirely different feel from a leather belt.


Because of that, instead of feeling as f I had bought a new watch, I, as well as my wife, feel that I am keeping my promise of “not buying any more new watches”, which I am satisfied with.

However, the Grand Seiko bracelet costs a pretty penny at 700 USD...

Seiya Kobayashi


Good night, sweet prince(s).

Good night, sweet prince(s).


Seiko recently made a surprising announcement.

They have stated that they will discontinue series production of the ever-popular SARB017, SARB033, SARB035, and SBDX017 model wristwatches.

Ahh, their sun has finally set!

Nothing lasts forever, and businesses have to adapt and change with the times. I guess the same can be said for their products.

Current production is to be halted, production is to be discontinued, and they will no longer be available for purchase.

The SARB017 came out in November 2007, and the SARB033 and SARB035 went on sale in June 2008.
Those wristwatches have sold extremely well for more than 10 years.

 Copyright Instagram/ @filiploveswatches


Copyright Instagram/ @travelmate200680


Copyright Instagram/ @lordnantucket


Thinking back, the SBDX017 has been sold for more than 15 years before the model change to the SBDX001.

Copyright Instagram/ @th3measure


I don’t understand their reasoning for halting production. However, all of them are Seiko wristwatches that launched divers watches, and were all well-loved for their basic simplicity that the Seiko brand is known for. They were all lovely watches.

However, since this is Seiko we are talking about, they are bound to make watches that are even more fantastic than before.

Good night, sweet prince(s).

Watch hunting was very fun 20 years ago.

Watch hunting was very fun 20 years ago.

20 years ago, the internet didn’t even exist, which meant that there was no standard price for used watches, and their cost really varied a lot.

For example, Seiko watches were sold cheaply at local pawn shops and flea markets at the following prices below:

57GS 40000 yen
44KS Chronometer 40000 yen
4S15 Military SUS 15000 yen
Citizen 7400 60000 yen

I didn’t know a lot about divers watches at that time, so I passed over them. However, it made me wonder how they got their hands on so many valuable watches.These sort of cheap prices would be unbelievable nowadays. Needless to say, I bought all of them.

I even came across a person who was selling several rather rare 2nd Diver watch by themselves. They were selling the ones in good condition for about 30,000 yen.

Nowadays, lots of people use net auctions. That is why you no longer see unbelievably cheap deals on used items anymore.