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      SeiyaJapan blog

      Repro 57 GS Self Data will be released at the beginning of June.

       Quartz: (SS bracelet also equipped)

      SBGV009 Siver dial  37,8000 JPY/ about $3,800

      SBGV011 Black dial 378,000 JPY about $3,800


      The middle od 2014 these Grand Seiko will be released.

      Grand Seiko Repro 57 GS salfdater/ springdrive,

      Grand Seiko GMT Hi-beat 36,000BPH 

        378000 JPY  378000 JPY (about 3,800USD)


      "SOMES SADDLE", found in 1964, in Utashinai, Hokkaido is a leather maker which started out with saddlery making. Achieving solid credibility through creating saddles for top jockeys worldwide, and being honored the post of Japanese imperial Household Agency, they have also gained popularity through their fashion items as well as harness products. The bulky but delicate, simple but high quality fashion items which combine durability, functionality and design, based on their sure manufacturing skills through harness making, all possess the beauty of tools. The seasoned craftsmen who create these beauties carefully select best quality leather from all over the world, and craft the products all by hand. One can experience the quintessence of craftsmanship with "SOMES SADDLE".
      Reference: Free & Easy March 2014 Vol.17 No.185 196 page / Written by Onozato Minoru/ East Communications

      [My personal expectation of 2014] Repro GS V.F.A. will be released as a V.F.A. 45 years old anniversary.

      I'm hoping that Seiko will be back as a repro Grand Seiko V.F.A. sometime in 2014


      This V.F.A. will have a tune-up-ed 9S85 Hi-Beat 36000 Movement.


      The accuracy will be very fine adjusted, +/-1sec per day ;-)


      And Seiko Japan will guaranties its accuracy for 2 years.


      This article is on my personal expectation!


      My montage picture.