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      SeiyaJapan blog

      Seiko Watch Co., Ltd has released the first issue of Grand Seiko (GS) Magazine "CNo9"

      Seiko Watch Co., Ltd has released the first issue of Grand Seiko (GS)
      magazine, "CNo 9"  in June 2014.
      "CNo 9" means "Caliber Number 9", 9S(Mechanical) 9R(Springdrive) 9F(Quartz) and it has 32 pages including cover pages.


      Contents is  below.

      -Trip report for Shiojiri factory, Seiko Epson Japan where produces GS
      quarts version and spring drives one. There are about 100 watch
      meisters there. One meister can manufacture only 8-10 GS a day because
      9R spring drive consists of more than 270 parts, for example.
      Misters are very proud of making GS.

      -GS's at Baselworld 2014

      -Message from leading watch web site owners to GS.
      DEPLOYA NT, Timezone.com, PuristSPro and Chronos Japan edition.

      -GS user's voice

      -One of GS lovers,  a world class Japanese architecture, Makoto
      Tanijiri travels New York City with his GS.

      -A Recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Toyoo Ito talks about
      GS and his works.

      -Special photogallery
      SBGJ005, SBGJ010, SBGV009 andSBGA105.

      -Portrait of Hideya Yamazaki, one of the IW misters.

      -The Epoch makers -an astronomical observatory chronometer, 45GSN.

      -Introduction for "GS Master Shop" in your town, Japan.

      About magnetism

      Analog Quartz watches and Springdrive watches are more affected by magnetism than Mechanical watches.

      In fact, Analog Quartz watches move their watch hands using a stepping motor magnet inside.

      So if they receive outside magnetism, the accuracy is worse.

      With regard to Springdrive watches, they use a magnetic brake to control the accuracy. So again, outside magnetism affect their

      Compared to above two watches, Mechanical watches are tough against magnetism.
      However, they are also affected by magnetism.
      If a hair spring is magnetic, it will not vibrate accurately. Then accuracy will be worse.

      On the contrary, Digital Quarts watches are not affected by magnetic.
      Because they don't use a stepping motor.

      Source: page 22,  SEIKO.ALBA.WIRD Watch Catalog 2007

      pull other springsThen accuracy will be worse.

      Grand Seiko WAKO Special Edition SBGH033 /30pcs

      Wako released about Wako Special Edition Grand Seiko./SBGH033  5/23/2014



      36000 Hi beat Automatic

      Strap & SS Bracelet

      30 pcs 

      Case size 37mm

      626,400 Yen

      Texture of the dial is the image of a Japanese paper, Washi(和紙)

      Blue steel second hand


      The Dial Indexes material of Vintage Seiko watches

      When you see a dial of approximately 40 yeas old Seiko watches carefully, you might find a star mark.

      This tells you what material is used for indexes on dial..


      For example, the first Grand Seiko's(3180) indexes are made by SD type dial. 

      Special Dial (SD)

      The indexes are made from solid 18K or 14K.



      The second Grand Seiko's (57GS) indexes are made by AD type dial (except for early 57GS)

      Applique Dial (AD)

      Indexes are made from Seiko Gold Plated(SGP) or  Rhodium plated on brass 


      Some Seiko Crown indexes are made by ED type dial.

      Extra Dial (ED)

      Normal Gold plated or Nickel plated on brass. 



      Domestic watch Series No.1,3 Tombo Shuppan, Yoshio Nagao,Toshiki Mori 1996/6 

      seiyajapan.com cleaning cloth

      This cleaning cloth is good for watches.

      And it is, I think more useful to clean a face of your smartphone or iPhone.

      I put my company's logo quiet on the cloth but hope to remember me sometimes.

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