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      SeiyaJapan blog

      A way to rebirth of Seiko’s mechanical watches Vol.1


      I summarized and translated the article, “A way to rebirth of Seiko’s mechanical watches” (p.5-9, GS9, March 2015) into English just for your information.

      Since Seiko developed and started to sell a quarts Astron in 1969, Seiko people were less interested in mechanical watches as they thought quarts watches were getting more popular.

      So, when a young Seiko engineer, Jun Tanaka visited Basel World Fair in 1988, he was shocked to see how many Swiss watch makers kept to make mechanical watches with dignity. Some quartz watches could be obsolescence, but mechanical watches might be came down to next generation, he thought. He understood the value of mechanical watches and its future

      Two years after, Seiko sought something special for company’s 110 years anniversary of 1991. Jun, who had been fighting to realize new Seiko mechanical watches in a company proposed a high spec thin mechanical dress watch. It was fortunately accepted by the company.

      Jun and his staff began to manufacture new mechanical watches after long absence for it with “Caliber 6810”.

      “Caliber 6810” were a kind of dead stock. They were slept in a factory because Seiko stopped to create new mechanical watches for two decades. 110 pieces of them were well appreciated by market and sold well. Then, mechanical watches are survived as a product of Seiko. 
      "110th Aniv. U.T.D. 6810-6000 SCQL002" 

      Above is just the first story which Seiko understands the value and start to make it again for mechanical watches.

      Source: “A way to rebirth of Seiko’s mechanical watches” (p.5-9, GS9, March 2015)