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SeiyaJapan blog — My good luck charms

My good luck charms

My good luck charms

1. My grandfather's sword

My grandfather was a soldier in the military, and always carried a Japanese sword.

When I sought the expert opinion of a specialist, they told me it was more than 400 years old.
-I have no way of knowing if that is actually true or not.

I have never been in any big misfortunes up to now, and have led a relatively
happy life.
I feel like I have been blessed like this because the sword watches over me.

2. My father's Grand Seiko

Needless to say, this wristwatch is my treasure.
It is the cornerstone of my work.

Thanks to this watch, I have met countless people that I would never have had the chance to otherwise.
I met a lot of people from abroad, which expanded my world.
Also, whenever I face any sort of trials or tribulations... or simple tests, I always wear my wristwatch.
For example, I wore my wristwatch the other day during an English test.
I feel that wearing it helped me bring my A game.

3. A fountain pen that was given to me as a gift by a friend

When I hospitalized for a month, one of my watch enthusiast friends living abroad gathered funds from everyone, and sent it to me as as a "get well soon" gesture.
They all lived in different countries, and have never met me in person.
They are all watch enthusiast friends that talk to me on an internet forum.
Following their lead, others chipped in, and raised the funds for it.
I was rather surprised when I found out about it, and was deeply touched by their gesture of friendship.
I really love this pen, and use it all the time.
I feel like I get all sorts of great ideas when I use this pen.