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        SeiyaJapan blog — Bracelet Adjustment

        How to adjust the bracelets on SEIKO SARB033 and SARB035.

        How to adjust the bracelets on SEIKO SARB033 and SARB035.

        This post explains how to adjust the bracelets on the SARB033 and SARB035.


        Adjuster, Pliers, little container, Small plastic bag

        Parts often go missing when doing this, so it is best to have a little container to put the parts in. Also keep a bag handy to keep leftover parts in.


        Removing the clasp makes things go smoother. Make sure to double check the direction of the arrow on the bracelet, and remove the pin with the adjuster.

        Don't put any more pressure on it than necessary. When you are unable to push the pin out, check to make sure that the adjuster pin is straight, and check the position from both the top and from the side.


        Use pliers when you are unable to remove the pin. (Make sure not to scratch the bracelet). 


        Follow the above steps to remove the pin and collar. Be careful not to lose any parts. (Put them into the little container that you set aside for the parts). 


        Remove the other piece as well.



        How to put on the link of the bracelet.

        Put the collar  into the hole (Make sure to check the direction of the arrow on the watch bracelet back.)


        Place the pin into the bracelet hole.


        Push the pin into place. (It is also possible to push it into place with an adjuster). Make sure not to force the pin into place, or the pin may break.  Move the parts against each other a little, and find a spot where it will go in smoothly. 


        Put the clasp back into place and you are finished. Keep  removed parts, collars, and pins in a bag and hang onto them.