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        SeiyaJapan blog — Analog

        Digital VS Analog

        Digital VS Analog

        Digital instruments such as the Iphone, digital cameras, and PCs have several useful functions.
        You can't live without them. You'd be in a pinch if you didn't own them.

        However, that also means analog items also hold a certain significance things such as fountain pens, film cameras, mechanical watches, and red pencils.

        It is not a question of convenience, but rather one of partnership.
        If you use them, then they become indispensable to you.

        For example, it feels really nice to write fine letters with a fountain pen.
        It also leads to good ideas. Underlining things with a red pen in books is rather enjoyable.
        -I have no word to express how important the 1964 Grand Seiko I received from my father as a gift is to me.

        Recently, the type of analog good I have my eye on just happens to be a car that was found in a used car shop.

        It is a beetle that uses an air-cooled flat4 engine. It was made in 1973, and is 1200cc.
        It takes forever to speed up. It's top speed is only 120km. The windows fog up when it rains. It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
        However, it is a pleasure to drive in.
        The engine purrs sweetly. The manual mission allows for total control of the vehicle.
        I mean have you seen the steel plated front panel?
        Analog goods have a certain charm that digital goods are missing.
        It is nothing new. But it provides a sense of security. 
        What analog goods are your favorites?